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Frequently Asked Questions
1 - How can I make Reservations?

You can make Reservations by giving us a call or by using the BOOK NOW! button on our site:

- Call us at 787-742-0803, Your reservation must be secured with a credit card. if you have not provided us with a credit card number, we are not holding a spot for you. For all other information please call the Retail Shop at 787-552-DIVE(3483).

2 - How long ahead in advance should I make Reservations for my excursion?

It is best to book as early as possible. In general, during the slower season (May – October), we recommend that you book your tour at least 2 to 4 weeks in advance. If you are planning on traveling to Culebra and booking a tour during the high season (November – April) you should start planning and making reservations as early as July of the same year. We often accommodate dive groups that book a year in advance. So it is to your advantage to make reservations early. Walk-ins are welcome but space can't be guaranteed without a reservation and credit card.

3 - How long does it take to get to Culebra, and how long are the dive or snorkel trips? (All times are averages)?

  - Airplane (San Juan to Culebra): 30 minutes
  - Ferry (Fajardo to Culebra): 1 hour 15 minutes
  - Morning Dive Trip: About 4 hours
  - Afternoon Dive Trip: About 2 hours 30 minutes
  - Afternoon Snorkel trip: About 2 hours 30 minutes  

4 - What is the Cancellation Policy?

​Please click here to see our cancellation policy.

5 - Do you have a minimum age requirement?

We do for scuba diving. Divers must be of twelve (12) years of age or older to participate in a Discover Scuba Experience or a certification course. Our minimum age requirement for our chartered snorkeling excursions is six (6) years old.  For diving and snorkeling, any guest that is under age 18 must travel with their parents or legal guardian and have written consent from them.

6 - Is Culebra Divers approved by the Puerto Rico Tourism Company?

Yes. Culebra Divers is a fully insured dive operation and approved by the Puerto Rico Public Transportation Commission and Puerto Rico Tourism Company. Our boats are also inspected by the Departamento de Recursos Naturales y Ambientales (DRNA).

7 - What SCUBA training agencies does Culebra Divers offer?

Culebra Divers offers training through three agencies including NAUI, PADI and SDI. Our operation is 
the only authorized NAUI Resort, PADI Dive Resort and SDI Dive Facility in Culebra.

8 - Do I need to know how to swim in order to participate in snorkeling or diving?

You don’t have to be Michael Phelps or Mark Spitz to participate in these activities. However, you need to be comfortable in the water, be able to float and do some basic swim strokes. For snorkeling, we can provide you with a snorkel vest to help with buoyancy. For scuba diving, previous snorkeling experience and/or competency in swimming is a requirement in order to participate in the Discover Scuba Experience. Also, check out the Tandem Dive Experience.

9 - Are there any medical conditions that would not allow me to scuba dive?

Yes. Our training agencies, NAUI, PADI and SDI all have medical requirements in order to participate in scuba diving. You will be required to complete and sign a medical release form in order to participate. In some cases you will need a physician’s signature on your form in order to participate. For this reason we highly recommend that you download the medical form the website and complete it well advance of your trip in case you need a doctor’s approval. The medical form can be found here.

10 - What do we do with our personal things? Do you have a safe place to keep them?

Yes, we will provide secure storage for your personal belongings while on tour.

11 - Will you have something to eat or drink on the tour?

We do provide fresh bottled water for you. You are welcome to bring your own snacks on board, or have something to eat before your adventure.

12 - How can I get to the Fajardo Ferry Terminal or Isla Grande Airport in San Juan?

See our Getting Here Instructions, additionally please note estimated driving times to Fajardo Terminal below:

  - San Juan, Metropolitan Area - 1 hour
  - Humacao - 30 minutes
  - Rio Grande - 30 minutes
  - Fajardo - 10 minutes

13 - Can you provide round-trip transportation to the Fajardo Ferry Terminal?

Sorry, but we do not arrange for transportation to the ferry terminal. You’ll need to make arrangements for a local taxi from any airport or hotel, or rent a vehicle.

14 - What happens if we miss the tour because the Ferry is delayed?

You will not be charged in the event you miss our tour because PRMTA delays/cancels the trip due to unsafe weather and seas. If you do decide to take the ferry, we highly recommend arriving a day in advance. If you are unable to obtain your tickets for any reason and miss the Ferry, you will be fully charged for the tour as per our Cancellation Policy.

15 - How else can I get to Culebra without taking the Ferry?

There are two ways to get to Culebra; by air or by ferry. The ferry is a real challenge and it is a great unknown even if you get in line several hours before departure and get tickets. It is nearly impossible to make advance reservations. Our dive trips start at 9:00AM and therefore, it is best to fly in, or arrive at least a day in advance. The flights to Culebra are on small airplanes and they book up fast, so call and make a flight reservation early.

Due to our cancellation policy, we strongly discourage same day ferry transportation plans. Flying, or arriving at least a day in advance is recommended. The flights originate out of San Juan, Isle Grande and Ceiba airport. The fees range from $50 to $150 round trip depending on which airport you choose.

For customers staying in Culebra for several days, the ferry is an option if you are arriving at least one day in advance of your scheduled dive trip. For further information click on the link to Getting Here.

16 - At what time do the dive and snorkel excursions start and finish?

Our morning dive trip leaves the dock at 9:00AM and returns to the dock about 1:00PM.
Our afternoon, single tank dive trip leaves the dock at 2:00 PM and returns to the dock about 4:30PM.
Our late morning snorkel and dive excursion leaves the dock at 11:00AM and returns to the dock at 3:00PM. This boat accommodates both divers and snorkelers.

17 - What forms of payment do you accept?

We accept payment using VISA, MASTERCARD and cash (U.S. dollar).

18 - Can I check or write Reviews for Culebra Divers?

Yes. Please check us out on TripAdvisor, Facebook and Google. We always welcome your input and feedback to help our business improve our level of customer service.

19 - Will you have Scuba gear like BC's and Wetsuits that fit me?
​We have a very wide selection of BC and Wetsuit sizes but we do not guarantee that we can fit every body type. Please take a look at our gear manufacturer’s BC and Wetsuit sizing charts. If you are not sure we have gear that will fit, we suggest you visit your local dive shop for gear prior to your trip. Click here for the sizing charts.

20 - If you have any further questions please contact us:

  -Email: contact@culebradivers.com OR use the Request Information box to send us an email
  -Telephone: 787-552-DIVE(3483)

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