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Diving in Culebra for many is a once in a lifetime experience.  During your dive you will encounter a bustling undersea world of numerous fish, corals, sponges, lobster, eels and maybe a few turtles or a spotted eagle ray.  Don't miss any of the amazing sights. 

Let Us Professionally Photograph Your Dives!  

Our staff photographer is ready to accompany you, or your group, during your day of diving with us. He is also available for multi-day dives with advanced notice.

Please provide at least 24 hour notice if you'd like us to take photos of your diving adventure. Call 787-742-0803 to make your reservation.
Culebra Divers Photography
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Dive & Snorkel Reservations: 787-742-0803
Retail Shop: 787-552-DIVE(3483)
Email: contact@culebradivers.com
Why hire a photographer, I have my own equipment?
Unless you are an experienced diver and extremely familiar with your equipment it is difficult to practice safe diving techniques, photograph, and RELAX all in unfamiliar waters with varying conditions.  

Discover Divers are not permitted to utilize any type of photo equipment during a Discover Dive. Further, the instructor's are focused on diver safety and not photography.

We can't tell you how many times people don't buy a photography package because they have a GoPRO and their battery dies 10 minutes into a 60 minute dive, or they miss the shot of the Spotted Eagle Ray because they were fiddling with settings, etc. 

Lastly, we know what we are doing. Enjoy your dive, take in the undersea life and enjoy the moment, we'll capture the memories for you.

Questions? You can contact Chris at culebradiversphotography@gmail.com.

What You Get
We are there to document the following during your adventure:

     Your Arrival @ Culebra Divers 
     Greetings & Issuing of Equipment
     Boarding NIKA I or NIKA II
     Safety Briefing
     * DISCOVER DIVERS ( First Entry, Shore Class, First Decent ) 
     Dive 1
     Surface Interval 
     Dive 2 * (If applicable)
     Return to port

8G Flash USB Memory Stick ( Mailed )
40-60 High Quality JPEG Images 
Edited- Color Balanced 
HD Movie Clips (when applicable)

*As a courtesy, a few select photos will emailed to you in 24 hrs. or less upon returning from your dives so you can get posting on our Culebra Divers FaceBook Page about your adventures with us! 

Discover Diver Package
  $39.95 per person  
  $19.95 per additional Discovery Diver

Two-tank Morning Dives
  $39.95 per person
  $19.95 each additional person
  $125.00 Flat Rate for 4 Divers or more (must be in the same party)

Single-tank Afternoon Dive
  $29.95 per person
  $19.95 each additional person

Multi-Day Packages 
  25% off Normal Rates for each additional day.  

Group Rate (4 or more) or Day Charter Photographer
  $125.00 per day 

*Please note that each package is mailed one (1) USB 8 G Memory Stick, additional memory sticks are available for $8.00 and will be sent with the package to 1 mailing address provided.

Staff Photographer: Christopher Flint
Underwater Realm by Walter Rieder
Walter Rieder presents his new book entitled "Underwater Realm". It's an impressive collection of images that capture the beauty and uniqueness of Culebra's waters and over twenty-five years of diving experience and underwater photography. 

116 pages containing 440 images! Available for purchase at Culebra Divers or order online as an eBook or Hardcopy at blurb.
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