DISCOVER SCUBA DIVING EXPERIENCE (aka Entry Level Scuba, or The Resort Course)
Did you always want to try scuba diving but have no time to do a full course or live where it is too cold? No problem. In half a day you learn the basics of scuba diving and our Instructor will take you on a shallow dive in one of Culebra’s beautiful coral reefs. Our groups are always small which means that you get all of his or her attention helping you as well as pointing out all the cool creatures underwater.

No certification involved. Many ask if certain medical conditions disqualify you from diving? Only very few.  So long as you are in good cardiovascular and respiratory health, and not on any drugs that might cause complications underwater, getting a physician’s approval to dive is generally easy.  And, if you can honestly answer "No" to all of the questions on the Medical History form, you won’t even have to get your doctor’s okay.  

We do have an additional requirements to participate. Minimum age is twelve (12). YOU MUST BE ABLE TO SWIM (no exceptions)
 in order to participate. Please take a look at our qualifying questions. 

The afternoon 1-tank Discover Dive leaves at 2:00PM (your arrival time 1:30pm) and returns to the dock approximately 4:45PM. 
Cost: $155 pp, Includes all gear. Wear a bathing suit and bring a towel - we'll provide the rest!


Do you live where it is too cold to scuba dive? We can help! You can learn scuba diving here in absolutely amazing warm tropical waters. You come prepared by completing the course material at home and taking one of our agencies eLearning courses. eLearning courses are available through NAUI, PADI and SDI. Just click on one of the links below to get started...TODAY!  The agency you choose is up to you.  We're flexible! Getting in the water has never been easier. When you call Culebra divers to sign up we will mail you the NAUI course material which includes an online eLearning code to activate your eLearning class, a dvd/cd and illustrated books to help you to learn the academic material at your own pace at home. After completing the exam we will teach you the in-water portions of your dive training in Culebra.  It is possible to complete your certification in a minimum of 3 days, but we suggest to consider 4 full days.  Our minimum age to participate is twelve (12).

Cost: $495 pp, This includes all of your Confined Water and Open Water Training, all gear necessary for training, and your certification card processing fee. This portion of your certification is paid to Culebra Divers. You will pay an additional eLearning Fee directly to the training agency of choice (PADI or SDI) when registering for your Open Water Certification course using their online system. 

The approximate eLearning Fees for Open Water Certification are:
NAUI: $110 (This fee is paid directly to Culebra Divers. Your online access code and additional learning materials will be mailed from Culebra Divers.)
PADI: $179 (This fee is paid directly to PADI when registering for the online course. Student is required to purchase the supplementary PADI eLearning Open Water Crew Pack from Culebra Divers or a local dive shop of choice. Approximate cost is $60.)
SDI: $120 (This fee is paid directly to SDI when registering for the online course.)

Our Group Rate - Group of 4 people and the 5th person is free (excluding the online eLearning fee.) You can select one of three agencies to get started. Click on one of the eLearning links below.

You did all your classroom work and exams during the cold winter at home and all your confined water practice in a swimming pool. And now you want to go to the warm, crystal clear waters of Culebra to finish your training? Welcome! We are waiting for you!

Make sure you bring your referral paperwork, a recent, signed medical form (if necessary) from your original dive shop or instructor and your log book signed by them and we will help you finish your training in the warm waters of this tropical island. We honor the Universal Referral Program (URP) and training through NAUI, PADI and SDI.

Cost: $395 pp. Gear rental is $15.

Has it been a while since you have been diving?  More than a year?  More than five years?  
We highly suggest you participate in a Scuba Refresher dive before joining the morning dive excursion.
We require that you participate in a Scuba Refresher course or show proof of a recent refresher if you 
have not diving within the least two (2) years. This is a one-tank dive conducted in the afternoon where 
we will review skills, work on your buoyancy and get you tuned up.

Cost: $125 pp. Gear rental is included.

Culebra Divers also offers certification courses such as Advanced Open Water, Refresher Dives, 
Rescue Diver, First AID/CPR/O2/AED, Master Diver, and Divemaster Level Training. 
Dive certification Specialties iclude, Deep, Night, Drift, Boat, Navigation, Search and Recovery, 
Underwater Photographer... and more. Just call us for more information and pricing at 787-742-0803.

Prices do NOT inlcude 11.5% sales tax or crew gratuities.  Please note our Cancellation Policy.

Scuba Diving
Culebra is an enchanting Spanish Virgin Island located approximately 17 miles east of mainland Puerto Rico and 12 miles west of St. Thomas. The island is around 15 square miles in size and home to approximately 3,000 local residents. Culebra boasts an intricate shoreline with cliffs, sandy coral shores and mangroves; with numerous cays surrounding it, and the Luis Peña Channel Natural Reserve. The island of Culebra is semi-arid with no fresh water streams and therefore, no surface run off. Because of this, the ocean visibility is among the clearest in the world, making for some of the best snorkeling and SCUBA diving. Culebra has many beautiful beaches, many of which are protected and therefore nearly waveless. Flamenco Beach, being the most popular, is also rated one of the world’s best. Paradise is found!

All our tours are guided by our Instructors. They are the ones spotting all the cool creatures. There are well over 50 dive sites to choose from and most are only 30 minutes from the dock with the furthest being 40 minutes away. We choose the dive sites in the morning according to the divers’ level of training as well as the weather conditions. Our groups are always small (6 passengers max) which means it is easy getting help if you need it.

Divers, you are required to present your certification card or proof of certification. We do not look up certifications.

TOUR #1 is a two-tank tour that starts at 9:00AM (your arrival time 8:45AM) and returns to the dock at approximately 1:00PM. 
The 9:00AM boat is for certified divers only.  

Minimum of two (2) divers.
$125 pp. Gear rental is $15.

Package Deals: 5 days/ 2 dives (10 morning dives): $560. Gear rental is $15 per day.
                          3 days/ 2 dives ( 6 morning dives): $356. Gear rental is $15 per day.
**Payment is required upon arrival for Package Deals. No refunds will be given after payment is received**

TOUR #2 is a two-tank tour that starts at 11:00AM (your arrival time 10:45AM).  This is a mixed boat that will
accommodate certified divers and snorkelers. The tour returns to the dock at approximately 3:00PM.

Minimum of two (2) people.
Snorkeler: $60 pp, includes all gear.
Certified Diver: $125 pp. Gear rental is $15.

The afternoon dive may accommodate mixed groups including Discover Scuba Experiences, certification and training dives, and certified divers too. The afternoon one tank tour leaves at 2:00PM (your arrival time 1:45PM) and returns to the dock approximately 5:00PM. 

Minimum of two (2) people.
Discover Scuba Diver: $155 pp, includes all gear
Certified Diver: $85 pp. Gear rental is $15.

Conditions permitting, our one-tank "flouro night dive" tour leaves just before sunset and returns to the dock at approximately 9:00PM.  This dive experience includes use of a complete fluorescent dive light package to see and experience coral fluorescence.
Minimum of four (4) divers.
$100 pp, Gear rental is $15.

Private charters are available and a great option for groups of divers and mixed groups including divers and snorkelers that want a boat all to themselves!

$750 per boat (9:00AM to 1:00PM). This includes 2 morning dives. Six (6) people per boat maximum. All ental gear is included. The charter leaves at 9:00AM (your arrival time 8:45AM) and returns to the dock approximately 1:00PM.

Prices do NOT include 11.5% sales tax or crew gratuities. Please note our Cancellation Policy.
Culebra Divers offers a wide variety of classes and training. We are committed to certify the best divers we can which means you learn in small groups and exercise a skill until it becomes natural to you. We do not compromise on safety by cutting corners. Culebra Divers offers courses through NAUI, PADI, and SDI and honors the Universal Referral Program (URP).
Quality Air Testing & Air Fills
TRI Air Testing, the preferred Air Testing provider for Culebra Divers. TRI Air Testing, Inc., an AIHA accredited laboratory, provides worldwide compressed air testing for fire service, scuba, OSHA, medical, manufacturing, pharmaceutical, food/beverage, industrial companies, and the Government/Military.

We provide quality air fills for our customers.  Please ensure your tanks have a current Hydrostatic Test (every 5 years) and Visual Inspection (annually). We encourage you to drop off your tanks early and allow us 24 hours turn around time.

Air Fills are $10 for a standard AL80.
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Dive & Snorkel Reservations: 787-742-0803
Retail Shop: 787-552-DIVE(3483)
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We have a very wide selection of BC and Wetsuit sizes but we do not guarantee that we can fit every body type. Please take a look at our gear manufacturer’s BC and Wetsuit sizing charts by clicking here. If you are not sure we have gear that will fit, we suggest you visit your local dive shop for gear prior to your trip.